Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Dutch Language School in Utrecht

B1.4 Dutch Course Classroom-based (Contact! Nieuw 3, chapters 13-16)

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This is the registration form for the Dutch B1.4 level (books: Contact! Nieuw 3, chapters 13-16) course at Dutch First. Please be aware that this is a binding registration. After submitting the registration form, you have booked your place on the course.

This is a classroom-based course. Due to the lockdown restrictions put in place by the Dutch government, lessons in this course are currently conducted online via Zoom. This course will return to the classrooms in our school as soon as it is allowed again.

Course Number B1.4-18-2021
City day-time standard
Days Tue, Thu
Time 09:15 - 11:30
Period 06-07-2021 - 29-07-2021
Hours 24
Price € 299