A0-A2 Dutch courses for beginners

Best Dutch course for beginners

Jump start your Dutch skills. Learn Dutch from the start, in a small group with participants of similar level. Our lessons focus on active participation to facilitate quick progress in all language skills.

Our Dutch courses for beginners are perfect for learning Dutch quickly and efficiently, with a level of proficiency that you can use in your daily work and personal life!

Our A0-A2 courses for beginners are ideal for all, whether you are staying in the Netherlands short-term or long term. Based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) reference levels, our personal and interactive courses with motivated teachers make learning Dutch fun and obtainable.

Your Dutch course will be taught fully in Dutch, no other language proficiency is required. This also means that from the first lesson you will be focusing on practicing your speaking and understanding Dutch form day one. This makes our courses immersive and efficient and whether you follow lessons online or at our localtion, after the course you will have improved your communication skills in Dutch!

This is our most popular course for beginners, a full package course that covers all A0, A1, A2 levels. Perfect if you want to be able to have basic and simple Dutch conversations in Dutch!

Starting from 350 EUR

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Greet and introduce yourself and others in Dutch
  • Spell your name using the Dutch alphabet
  • Count and tell time in Dutch
  • Talk about yourself and your family and ask someone about theirs
  • Have short everyday conversations in Dutch at the store, the market, at work, a social gathering, etc.
  • Talk to the doctor about medical issues and understand basic advice and instructions
  • Speak about the job you have or would like to have
  • Speak and write in the correct word order
  • Use verbs in present and past tense
  • Understand the most important information in the news
  • Communicate appropriately in formal and informal settings

Choose what works for you!

You can choose the course that best suits your needs and availability. You can attend standard courses with lessons twice a week, or intensive courses with lessons four times a week. Our classroom-based courses have 3 lesson hours of 45 minutes per lesson. Online courses have 2 lesson hours of 45 minutes per lesson.

You can choose to attend classroom-based courses at our location in Utrecht, or online courses in our virtual classroom via Zoom.

Join our most popular full package Dutch language course for beginners. This course covers the full A1 and A2 language levels and is perfect for those who want to start learning Dutch.

This is the first of two package courses at Dutch First and is perfect for new learners of the Dutch language. You will learn Dutch skills quickly and get an introduction to life in the Netherlands during this course.

This is the first of four course modules at the beginner level. This course is meant for complete beginners of the Dutch language that want to learn the basics of Dutch in a short course.

This second of four course modules at the beginner level is meant for those who have completed A0 or a similar course, have a basic understanding of the Dutch language and want to continue expanding and improving on their knowledge of Dutch.

This is the second of two package courses for beginners at Dutch First and is meant for those who have successfully completed the A1 language level and want to continue learning at the elementary A2 level.

This course continues from A1 beginner-level Dutch and is the third of four course modules for beginners. In the A2.1 course you will continue working on your Dutch skills and learn to communicate in past tense.

This is the final and fourth of four course modules for beginners and continues from A2.1 Dutch. In this course you will complete the A2 level and prepare for the B1 level by finalizing your A1 and A2 Dutch skillset.

Course material for classroom-based courses

The use of books and other teaching materials on the course is obligatory. Books are not included in the cost of the course and you can buy the required books at our school or in most bookshops. Your instructor will also provide additional material that is not included in your textbook and associated workbook. You will receive homework based on the textbook and workbook used in your course.

Obligatory materials classroom-based courses:

A0-A1 Level: Contact! Nieuw 1 textbook and workbook

A2 Level: Contact! Nieuw 2 textbook and workbook

For the A0-A2 full package course you will need both books. The books are available in a paper version or a digital version (license 14 months). You can choose to buy what you prefer to use. Bring your paper or digital books to each lesson.

  • Contact! Nieuw 1 (A1): Set hard-copy textbook and workbook including digital license €78,95; or digital text- and workbook combined for €44,95.
  • Contact! Nieuw 2 (A2): Set hard-copy textbook and workbook including digital license €78,95; or digital text- and workbook combined for €44,95.

Course material for online courses

Our online E-learning + virtual classroom courses are all-inclusive courses. Included in your course you will get 24/7 access to engaging online digital resources with language trainings such as listening comprehension, pronunciation, reading and writing exercises and Dutch grammar, up to one month after your course. We will activate your student account and send you the instructions before your course starts. About 4 hours of preparation is required before each lesson (also before the first lesson!). You will have LIVE Dutch lessons in a virtual classroom, with a real teacher and real classmates. No books are required.

Course Certificate

At the end of your course, you will receive an official course certificate from Dutch First as proof of attendance in the course if you have attended at least 80% of the lessons of your course.

Public holidays

Lessons that would fall on a Dutch public holiday in the regular schedule will be rescheduled to take place on a Friday or the course will be moved by one lesson date. There are no lessons between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.