Access to 300+ courses. Officially Certified by Blik op Werk keurmerk voor bepaalde tijd for Inburgering courses from September 2023.

Dutch language school in Utrecht

Dutch First offers interactive Dutch lessons for adult learners. Our experienced teachers will coach you in interactive lessons, both online and in our classrooms. We combine tested didactic methods with the latest in teaching technology.

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At Dutch First, we offer Dutch courses from A0 to B2 level, as well as Inburgering courses certified by Blik op werk Keurmerk voor bepaalde tijd from September 2023, Dutch conversation courses, online and self-study courses as well as individual lessons.

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Whether it’s online or in a classroom, our Dutch lessons use SMART technology to encourage active participation and collaboration. Your teacher is available to offer feedback and answer questions. We are experienced in helping you make the most efficient progress in your Dutch language level. (We are proud to receive students from anywhere in the world, and we love watching you grow!)

Online and offline

Are you in Utrecht and do you enjoy face to face interaction with your fellow students and teacher? We offer classroom based courses for any level. Groups have a maximum of 15 participants and every classroom is equipped with a SMARTboard.

Prefer the flexibility of online classes? Are you still abroad? Enjoy studying from anywhere in our e-learning module, collaborating with other students in our online lessons, and having a teacher available for feedback and questions, from anywhere in the world.

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Why learn Dutch

We get it, you speak English at work, use the self-checkout at the supermarket and your partner speaks your mother tongue. Why even bother learning Dutch? If you wish to build a life for yourself in the Netherlands, you will find that speaking and understanding Dutch is integral to building friendships, and forming part of society. Speaking Dutch will make a difference in your everyday life. Even just ordering your koffie verkeerd in Dutch will make you feel more at home.

Are you a teacher?

We have an international team with teaching experience in The Netherlands as well as other countries. Interested in joining us?