Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Please make sure you choose the right level of your course!

You can take a free placement test if you are not sure which level to sign up for. Please contact the school reception to make an appointment to take the test.

No lessons 26.12.2022-29.12.2022

Is the course of your choice full? Contact us at [email protected] to be placed on the waiting list.


Before deciding to enroll in the program and coming to the Netherlands, please be sure that you are financially prepared. The cost of living in Netherlands is quite high.

Monthly expenses
Accommodation can vary depending on the type and location of housing you want. The cost can range from €400,- to €2000,-  per month. Other general monthly expenses such as food, electricity, water, heat, Internet, insurance and other essentials can range between €400,- and €800,-.
Food prices in the Netherlands
Here are a few examples of food prices in Utrecht:
  • Milk:
€ 1
  • Bread:
€ 2
  • Chicken breast 1kg:
€ 10
  • Tomato 1kg:
€ 3
  • Frozen pizza:
€ 3
  • Bananas 1kg:
€ 2
  • Beer 0,5 l in a café
€ 6
  • Cup of coffee in a café:
€ 2,5
  • Beef steak in a restaurant:
€ 20
  • Pizza in a restaurant:
€ 12
  • One-way ticket bus/metro:    
€ 3
  • Monthly ticket bus/metro from:
€ 48
  • Pack of cigarettes (20p):
€ 7  
OBS! These are estimated rates.