Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Dutch Language School in Utrecht


Are you interested in becoming an agent on behalf of Dutch First?

We select our agencies very carefully through a detailed application process.To become our agent you will have to fill out an agent application form. To become a Dutch First Agent you must be operating as an educational consultancy for minimum period of one year. You must have a good knowledge related visa application process and be able to prove good marketing skills.To request the Agent Application Form send an email to [email protected].

In the request please give:
- your full name and surname
- company name and address
- country/ies you are representing
- your telephone number
- write shortly about your company/yourself.

We ask that you answer all of the questions in the Agent Application Form and provide the requested supporting documentation. The Agent Application Form and additional documentation should be sent by post to:

Dutch First
Niasstraat 1 
3531 WR, Utrecht
The Netherlands

The consideration of your application can take up to three months depending on the level of detail you have provided. Approval is granted for one year and needs to be renewed one month before it expires. Please note that submitted documents will remain confidential and our vetting process is also confidential.Please do not discuss your application to be an agent with our school or with any other organization when it is in process. Any discovery of discussions with other agents or organizations will result in the immediate cancellation of your application.