Dutch Language School in Utrecht

This course continues from our Dutch intensive B1-1 course and covers Chapters 3C till 6A from the book "Contact! 2". It is designed for intermediate students who have an intermediate/advanced knowledge of Dutch and wish to continue studying. At this level of instruction, participants will establish a working knowledge of Dutch grammar.

The course is 10 sessions long during two weeks. Each session consists of 3 lesson hours (each of 45 minutes) for a total of 30 hours. Besides the lessons it is important to invest in self-study, which takes approximately 1,5 - 2 hours each day. Participants of this course continue their studies at level B1 based on language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course Subjects
Talking about changes, expressing expectations, making an agreement and dividing tasks, talking about details of a situation, understanding facts from the news, reminding someone of an appointment or promise, talk about and react to rumours and gossip, asking for explanation, expressing your boundaries, wondering out loud, talking about things you are not sure of, understanding statistical information, understanding the sequence of events.

Course Grammar
Adverb voortaan; verbs komen, gaan + infinitive; alleen, elkaar, samen, zelf; imperative sentences; passive (simple present and simple past tense); er + passive; possessive (mijn, de mijne, van mij); pronouns (subject, object, possessive) with and without emphasis,relative clause with preposition: preposition + wie / waar + preposition; word sequence within relative clause with preposition; pronominal adverbs (interrogative, relative, personal, demonstrative) + preposition; zou/zouden with rumours; zou/zouden when you are wondering; present perfect with double infinitive; verb + te + infinitive; numbers and dates; past perfect.

After completion of the course
After completing the course, participants will be able to express themselves more freely about culture, education, job searching and social life. They will begin to construct more complex sentences and feel more comfortable having spontaneous conversations with others and sharing opinions about topics that interest them.

Course price: €299

Dutch First TIP: If you want to continue your Dutch adventure, sign up for Dutch B1-3 to complete your Dutch B1 level.