Dutch Language School in Utrecht

Dutch B1-1 is the first of three intensive courses in our intermediate level of Dutch, and focuses on Chapters 1 to 3B of the book "Contact! 2". It is intended for those who have successfully completed their work with "Contact! 1" or an equivalent book. At this level of instruction, participants will establish a working knowledge of Dutch grammar.


This course is 10 sessions long during two weeks. Each session consists of 3 lesson hours (each of 45 minutes) for a total of 30 hours. Besides the lessons it is important to invest in self-study, which takes approximately 1,5 - 2 hours each day. Participants of this course will start level B1 based of the language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course topics
Talking about your plans and ambitions, talking about something from a long time ago, talking about something that recently happened, telling about your youth, compare habits from the past and now, asking questions and giving answers, asking about words and meanings, the senses, describing things, enumerate, giving examples, making a telephone call, giving advice or getting advice, asking and getting instructions. 

Course Grammar
Subordinate clause with dat, hoewel, iemand, die; number + noun; verb: worden; participle without ge-; conjunctions: als, hoe…, naarmate; adverb: toen; heel/hele; niet/geen; ‘het’ as a subject in impersonal sentences; ‘het’ referring to an indefinite subject; hangen / liggen / lopen / staan / zitten + te + infinitive; preposition + wie; impersonal pronoun: je / ze; signal words with enumerations; zou / zouden, moeten, interrogative, imperative with advice; comparisons (dan / als); using imperative with instructions, advice, prohibition, incentive; conjunctions zodra, zolang, alsof.

After completion of the course
After completing the course, participants will be able to vary sentence structure by using phrases of time and reason. They will be aware of how to use adjectives in the correct way to describe and compare actions and things. They will feel more comfortable having conversations due to their developing vocabulary, and will be able to express their opinions about such topics as education, family life, and personal economy.

Course price: €299 


Dutch First TIP: If you want to continue your Dutch adventure, sign up for Dutch B1-2 to learn more advanced grammar and continue your study on level B1!