Dutch Language School in Utrecht

This course continues from Dutch standard A1-2 and covers chapters 7 to 9 of the book "Contact! 1". The course is designated for those who can express themselves in a simple way using present tense and want to learn present perfect. During this course participants will learn about the past tense and more.

These are our most intensive courses where you are on a fast track to communicate effortlessly in Dutch. Our intenisve courses have lessons Monday to Friday during two weeks. You will get 40 lesson hours in 10 days (4 x 45 min. per day) and for an extra boost, you will need to invest in self-study. Self-study takes approximately 2 hours each day. 
The course includes individual and group work, discussions, listening exercises, and homework. Participants of this course will complete the first part of level A2 based on language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course subjects
Talking about body parts, physical complaints and illness, going to the doctor and pharmacy, asking advice, health, registering at the municipality, looking for a job, finding information about travels, talking about travelling and destinations, describing countries and cities, talking about the past, talking about experiences, giving a positive/negative reaction, writing an E-mail or letter: structure and letter conventions. 

Course grammar
Present perfect, liggen, staan en zitten with objects, participle of separable verb, zo/zo'n, conjunction 'dat', ei/ij, au/ou, ui, ergens, nergens, overal, hier en daar, auxiliary verb: hoeven, simple past tense (regular, irregular), when to use present perfect and when simple past tense.

After completion of the course
After completing the course, participants will be able to understand frequently used expressions, and extend their vocabulary. They will be able to speak simply about such subjects as school, family structure, holidays, and the workday. It will be easier to read and respond to simple advertisements and discuss topics relative to everyday life. They will be able to hold conversations and talk about people, places, and things using slightly more advanced sentences relative to time and place.

Course price: €359

Dutch First TIP: If you want to continue your Dutch adventure, sign up for Dutch A2-2 and improve your grammar.