Dutch Language School in Utrecht


     With our conversation course  you can improve your conversation
     skills. The course is comprised of eight sessions. During each    
     session, participants will discuss different areas or topics concerning
     life in the Netherlands. Subjects are based on day-to-day tasks and
     experiences such as family life, shopping, arranging travel, making
     appointments, going to the doctor's office, and communicating in the


The session subjects are provided beforehand so that course participants have the opportunity to prepare relevant vocabulary before joining the discussion.

The subjects discussed during the course Conversation A2-B1 include:

  • Session 1: Family and friendship
  • Session 2: Leisure activities and hobbies
  • Session 3: Shopping
  • Session 4: Holidays and celebrations
  • Session 5: Health and fitness
  • Session 6: Education
  • Session 7: Media
  • Session 8: Work life and job interviews

Course price: € 199

Dutch First TIP: Are you done with Conversation A2-B1? Prepare for Conversation B2 by taking our Dutch Standard courses (B1-1, B1-2, B1-3) or our Intensive B1 course.